Why build a home gym

//Why build a home gym

Why build a home gym

Why build a home gym?

Home Garage Gym

So we get this question all the time, why build a home gym? For us it comes down to these simple points:


Time is precious, especially if you live a busy lifestyle. No more waiting for that bar/rack or dumbell to become free, it sounds silly but take a minute to think how long you’ve waited around for someone else to complete their set(s) – No more! A home gym can save hours over the course of a year, you won’t be that person waiting in line for a bench come the 5pm rush. Of course then you can take as little or as long as you want on your OWN equipment.


An average gym cost can range anywhere between 40-50 dollars a year, not including your sign up fees and inductions. Your looking at over 800 dollars a year! Depending on your goals you can set yourself up with as little as 300 dollars, which you can then resell and recoup when you decide its time to upgrade! Calculate this over the course of a couple of years and the savings are Huge!


This is the main advantage of having your own setup. As your equipment is right there, YOU decide when the routine best fits. Hit the weights early for some pre work pump, or simply head home without having the rush of fighting your way through the gym door, waiting around for equipment, waiting for the showers and then having to get yourself home!


“But you need thousands of dollars worth of equipment to look like that…” WRONG! You don’t need to be hitting the 200+ machines in the gym to ensure a rounded physique. As mentioned before, even starting with a few hundred is more than enough.

What equipment do you need?

As we’ve said before, you can go as cheap or as expensive as you want, a lot of this is entirely decided by your goal.

Barbell is king!

Looking for huge gains, big lifts and general strength? Your best bet is the barbell and most likely a rack/cage.  You’ll be looking to hit those big lifts a few times a week.

Dumbells for days

General physique, quick pump, toned definition? Dumbells will help you here.

If your just looking to keep fit.  Spinlock barbells, bands and set dumbells are perfect for keeping a general tone at incredibly low cost.  Arguably these few tools will be more than enough for you to reach your goals without the hefty gym fees included.

The Negatives

Lets be honest, there are none!  But in reality, the main reason people don’t have a home gym is likely because they don’t have the space, but is that really the case?  What about that garage full of junk, or the ‘office’ space that hasn’t been used in years and is filled with boxes.  There is no excuse, get in there and clear it out – get shaping your future now!

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