Home Gym – The all in one gym machine

//Home Gym – The all in one gym machine

Home Gym – The all in one gym machine

The all-in-one, home gym machine solution

Carrying on our series of home gym solutions, we move into the realm of ‘All-In-One’ workout machines.   We’ll delve into the pros and cons of these systems, but first we’ll need to understand what sets apart an all-in-one system from a traditional weight / bar system:

Home gym workout machine

The concept

These all in one machines generally provide a fully rounded workout routine.  The machine can be used to work all the primary muscle groups, with an adjustable weight set attached to the system.  These systems are generally pulley operated, with the weight counter-levered on the rear of the machine, in some cases these machines allow additional weights to be purchased and added to the system.

Ease of use

A-I-N machines are ideal for those with busy lifestyles in so many ways.  In the same vein as having your own rack or gym area, these systems allow you to work out in the comfort of your own home – gone are the days of queuing for equipment and paying obscene gym fees! Simply select the weight you require for your workout and hit it up, quickly select a different weight and smash out a super set or two!


Safety in lifting should always be a key focus.  Injuries happen to all of us, especially so if you are not confident or warmed up with free weights.  All in one systems allow a set range of motion, greatly reducing the chance of snapping yourself up – no need to worry about the roll of shame while working your pecs! These systems have you covered.

Basic home workout machine

Form factor

Struggling for space? I’ve seen these setup in the most ridiculously small areas while offering the perfect workout.  When purchasing a home gym machine its always worth noting the dimensions, especially height.  The height can often be well into 2 meters to offset the counter-lever mechanism, as such you’ll need that space!

Lets break it down:


  • Affordable
  • Scale-able
  • Huge range of motions, covering most workouts and goals
  • Time saving
  • Improved safety over traditional free weight lifting
  • Form factor, huge space saver


  • Some systems don’t completely work leg muscle groups
  • Weight, ensure that if you are in a apartment or mounting these upstairs that the floor can cope with the load
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