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Home Gym – The all in one gym machine

The all-in-one, home gym machine solution Carrying on our series of home gym solutions, we move into the realm of 'All-In-One' workout machines.   We'll delve into the pros and cons of these systems, but first we'll need to understand what sets apart an all-in-one system from a traditional weight / bar system: The concept These all in one machines generally provide a fully rounded workout routine.  The machine can be used to work all the primary muscle groups, with an adjustable weight set attached to the system.  These systems are generally pulley operated, with the weight counter-levered on the rear of the machine, in some cases these machines allow additional weights to be purchased and added to the system. Ease of use A-I-N machines are ideal for those with busy lifestyles in so many ways.  In the same vein as having your own rack or gym area, these systems allow [...]

Why build a home gym

Why build a home gym? So we get this question all the time, why build a home gym? For us it comes down to these simple points: Time Time is precious, especially if you live a busy lifestyle. No more waiting for that bar/rack or dumbell to become free, it sounds silly but take a minute to think how long you've waited around for someone else to complete their set(s) - No more! A home gym can save hours over the course of a year, you won't be that person waiting in line for a bench come the 5pm rush. Of course then you can take as little or as long as you want on your OWN equipment. Cost An average gym cost can range anywhere between 40-50 dollars a year, not including your sign up fees and inductions. Your looking at over 800 dollars a year! Depending on your [...]